California Road Trip, Seventies Style

This essay was first published in On a Junket and was called “Travel, Illuminated.” I’ve been thinking about taking a road trip and remembered this piece. Thought I’d post it here.   December 16th 1:00 am A gentle nudge and then, “C’mon, it’s time to go.” It was the middle of the night, and my Read more about California Road Trip, Seventies Style[…]

Anif, a cozy town just outside of Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria is about as charming and picturesque as a place can get. You can almost hear the sounds of music as you walk the cobble-stone streets. Which is all pretty wonderful unless you just stepped off of a plane with no sleep. Then it becomes a blur of lederhosen stalls, fancy gilt signs, and Read more about Anif, a cozy town just outside of Salzburg[…]

Film Festival Travel

While some people travel to see a new place, others often have a more specific focus: ecotourism, adventure or food travel, cycling, hiking or surfing travel, etc. The possibilities are endless and once one begins a traveling life, a natural outgrowth of that seems to be a more fine-tuned agenda, tailored to one’s personal interests. Read more about Film Festival Travel[…]

Encountering Botero

I’ve encountered Botero a few times in my life—most of them unexpectedly. I didn’t even know who this Colombian artist was the first time I was walking through Venice, and I spotted his voluptuous nude sculptures on display throughout the town. For those of you who aren’t familiar with his work, Fernando Botero is an Read more about Encountering Botero[…]

Finding Fruit in Colombia

One of my favorite things about visiting Cartagena was, surprisingly, the fruit. I don’t usually think about food when I’m visiting a new place. Well, maybe I do. I wanted to eat chocolate in Switzerland, drink Guinness in Ireland, eat pizza and drink cappuccino in Italy, Cheese in France. Mussels in Belgium. Beer in Germany. Read more about Finding Fruit in Colombia[…]

Rovinj, Croatia–a sweet side trip from Venice

    For about nine summers, I took students to Italy for study abroad and usually managed to add on an extra personal trip at the end, even if it was for just a few days. Once you are in Europe, it’s really easy and pretty cheap to get to other countries. One of my Read more about Rovinj, Croatia–a sweet side trip from Venice[…]