A Travel Survival Guide for Picky Eaters

  If you’re a picky eater and you’ve traveled before, you probably know more tips than I’m about to give. (I hesitate to even use the word ‘picky’ because it carries a negative connotation. These eaters simply like what they like and that’s it! Yet, they’ve been given the label ‘picky.’ I’ll use the term Read more about A Travel Survival Guide for Picky Eaters[…]

Bologna–Italy’s Best Kept Secret!

With the exceptions of the Piemonte and Molise regions, and Sardinia, I’ve been to cities and towns in just about every other region of Italy. From the top of the boot to the bottom, including the islands of Sicily and Elba, I’ve spent a fair amount of time in this country. After over a dozen Read more about Bologna–Italy’s Best Kept Secret![…]

Jazz Fest 2016 aka Flood Fest

It’s floodin’ down in Nola, all the telephone lines are down… Jazz Fest 2016 was a wet one. We didn’t hear a lot of music, but at least we got to eat. We set out on Saturday for the fest, prepared for rain but not ready for a flood. However, thirty minutes in, raindrops started Read more about Jazz Fest 2016 aka Flood Fest[…]

Tanoreen, an amazing Middle Eastern restaurant in Brooklyn

Rawia Bishara, a Palestinian-Arab chef, opened Tanoreen in 1998—a 10 table restaurant in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn. Now, in a new location, the restaurant is now a little larger, has received many accolades, and Bishara has written a cookbook, Olives, Lemons, and Za’atar. A cozy space, with pumpkin-colored walls and low lights, Tanoreen Read more about Tanoreen, an amazing Middle Eastern restaurant in Brooklyn[…]