24 Hours in Santa Fe

After I gave a paper at a conference in Albuquerque, I rented a car and set out for Santa Fe. Twenty Four hours in this town, I soon discovered, was nothing but a tease. Santa Fe was easy on the eyes with its earth-toned, stucco buildings and laid back, friendly people. And the food was Read more about 24 Hours in Santa Fe[…]

Jazz Fest 2016 aka Flood Fest

It’s floodin’ down in Nola, all the telephone lines are down… Jazz Fest 2016 was a wet one. We didn’t hear a lot of music, but at least we got to eat. We set out on Saturday for the fest, prepared for rain but not ready for a flood. However, thirty minutes in, raindrops started Read more about Jazz Fest 2016 aka Flood Fest[…]

More to Pisa than the Tower!

I’ve been to Pisa about a dozen times. Over the years, I’ve taken students with my study abroad program, as well as family, and friends to Pisa because it’s a place of interest and often associated with Italy itself. When people think of Italy, Rome comes to mind first, then perhaps Venice, and most likely, Read more about More to Pisa than the Tower![…]

Tipitina’s, New Orleans, and Mardi Gras

Tipitina’s, New Orleans, and  Mardi Gras I’ve grown up in New Orleans, going to Mardi Gras since I was a baby and mom put me in a bunny suit and stuck me in a ladder seat. While I don’t go as much as I used to, it’s still a party–a great time to get together Read more about Tipitina’s, New Orleans, and Mardi Gras[…]

Destination: Autumn

We don’t have autumn in New Orleans. We have eight to ten months of summer and the rest is winter-ish. Right now, it’s the beginning of November and it’s 80 degrees with people wearing shorts and t-shirts. The brief, and I mean brief, transition from one season to the other is so fast you could Read more about Destination: Autumn[…]

Laguna Beach, and the pleasure of doing nothing

It’s not often that I do nothing. I have lots of jobs and even when I’m not working, I’m doing something. I have a hard time unplugging, being still and enjoying the moment. Even when I’m on vacation, I seem to go, go, go. Oh, I’m not like some that go from sunrise to sunset, Read more about Laguna Beach, and the pleasure of doing nothing[…]

What Tuscany Means to Me

Tuscany means many things to many people.  Tuscany carries with it romantic, idyllic notions which are in part true because it’s an undeniably beautiful place. This image, though, is enhanced by literature, film, and art–all mediums that showcase this region and have elevated it to a level that’s nudged other similarly idyllic places, like Provence, Read more about What Tuscany Means to Me[…]

Encountering Botero

I’ve encountered Botero a few times in my life—most of them unexpectedly. I didn’t even know who this Colombian artist was the first time I was walking through Venice, and I spotted his voluptuous nude sculptures on display throughout the town. For those of you who aren’t familiar with his work, Fernando Botero is an Read more about Encountering Botero[…]