24 Hours in Santa Fe

After I gave a paper at a conference in Albuquerque, I rented a car and set out for Santa Fe. Twenty Four hours in this town, I soon discovered, was nothing but a tease. Santa Fe was easy on the eyes with its earth-toned, stucco buildings and laid back, friendly people. And the food was Read more about 24 Hours in Santa Fe[…]

Eurocup 2016–adventures in soccer….

We arrived in Marseille an hour later than expected because of a delayed train. The city was frenetic and lively with fans from both France and Germany roaming the streets. Our first, quick glimpse of Marseille was a fantastic one. It’s a beautiful port city that has an edginess to it I immediately liked. My Read more about Eurocup 2016–adventures in soccer….[…]

A Travel Survival Guide for Picky Eaters

  If you’re a picky eater and you’ve traveled before, you probably know more tips than I’m about to give. (I hesitate to even use the word ‘picky’ because it carries a negative connotation. These eaters simply like what they like and that’s it! Yet, they’ve been given the label ‘picky.’ I’ll use the term Read more about A Travel Survival Guide for Picky Eaters[…]

Jazz Fest 2016 aka Flood Fest

It’s floodin’ down in Nola, all the telephone lines are down… Jazz Fest 2016 was a wet one. We didn’t hear a lot of music, but at least we got to eat. We set out on Saturday for the fest, prepared for rain but not ready for a flood. However, thirty minutes in, raindrops started Read more about Jazz Fest 2016 aka Flood Fest[…]

Panama City Fish Market

Mercado De Mariscos (Panama City Fish Market) has every kind of seafood from spiny lobsters and tentacled octopus to giant shrimp to seafood mix for ceviche. As you can imagine, the smell of fish is strong inside and the floors are slick with water that’s constantly being sprayed to clean the area. Upstairs, there’s a restaurant Read more about Panama City Fish Market[…]

Two Awesome Days in Austin

Though the capital of Texas is growing by the moment as people flock to this cool place from all over the country, Austin is hanging on to its claim to fame of being ‘weird’. Home to the South by Southwest (SXSW) music, film, and interactive festival (March 15-20, 2016), the Keep Austin Weird Fest and Read more about Two Awesome Days in Austin[…]

Destination: Autumn

We don’t have autumn in New Orleans. We have eight to ten months of summer and the rest is winter-ish. Right now, it’s the beginning of November and it’s 80 degrees with people wearing shorts and t-shirts. The brief, and I mean brief, transition from one season to the other is so fast you could Read more about Destination: Autumn[…]

What Tuscany Means to Me

Tuscany means many things to many people.  Tuscany carries with it romantic, idyllic notions which are in part true because it’s an undeniably beautiful place. This image, though, is enhanced by literature, film, and art–all mediums that showcase this region and have elevated it to a level that’s nudged other similarly idyllic places, like Provence, Read more about What Tuscany Means to Me[…]